Meh, awake just

Feels like a long heavy weekend, even though it wasn’t at all for me. Hid out and left the rest of the world to it all. Put the christmas tree up, decked the hall etc. Also learnt what happens to christmas decorations when you vacuum to close to them.

Big news of the weekend was that there was a massive explosion at a fuel depot in Hemel Hempstead. Probably within about 10 miles or so of my parents. I gave them a call pretty much as soon as I found out, just to check they were okay. To explain, they reckon this was the biggest explosion in peacetime Europe, the blast was heard for 100 miles around, and the smoke and fumes were massive, and were blowing right over them. Anyway, their response was “we didn’t even hear it, we were still pissed from Dad’s christmas do”. Parents, there 🙂