May Day

I’m a little disappointed in myself today. It is in part because it is not a bank holiday, but I had intended last year to get today off as holiday. I wanted to go to Magdelen Bridge for dawn to watch the students jumping off the bridge. Not for sheer interest, no, I noted last year that pictures of students trying to hurt themselves to honour tradition were getting in the national papers. If I got the spot I wanted, given my camera as well, I could have had a chance of getting a really good shot of someone discovering how shallow it is there. Damn my lack of motivation.

Setting myself up for a fall here I’m sure, but I am planning on trying to write a proper post every day in May. Also have a lot of work to do in moving this blog (and others) to a new host, so should be keeping quite busy this month.







One response to “May Day”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Pah – Mayday Schmayday.. Bunch of pissed up twats clogging up the roads, disrupting the buses and vomming in the gutter…. I’ve done it once and it’s nice but more appropriate as a student I’d say. (getting up for Mayday that is not vomming in the gutter.. Well) … 😉

    I managed to be at work at 7.35 as I was so paranoid about the bus being late that it was mega early 😉 A 17 year old boy in a striped blazer and ripped jeans was attempting to be sick in the bin as I walked down Cornmarket and a bunch of hippies were attempting to morris dance and I felt suitably smug and middle class as I walked into Sainsbury’s and realised I was probably the only sober one in there..

    I’m in a bad mood today – can you tell?!!