May day weekend

A very pleasant one at that. I got some good work done in the garden, cleared out half of the front border and planted heathers, and did some work around the back as well. Got some new clothes and shoes (the best of which I am wearing right now. Must take a pic of them whilst they look proper and new). Oh, and a new ubertelly. 32″ of goodness, still a crt though, so takes up loads of space, however it doesn’t cost a fortune at all. The most expensive telly we saw on Saturday was three thousand pounds, which would be a good start towards a deposit for a house. They should come with an awning you can live under then.

Will try and put some more pics of the garden and of footwear in my flickr account later then.








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  1. The Smiling Assassin Avatar

    Was in Satan’s Electrical Store (better known to most people as Dixons) earlier and saw a lovely 40inch Samsung telly for £1299, that worked out at about £50 a month. Probably a bit excessive for my needs but nice to know that big, good quality tellys aren’t stupidly priced anymore.