Longish Weekend

Was at home yesterday, as I had to work from home whilst waiting for NTL/Virgin to come and visit. We had a good weekend, Saturday we had a cheap little meal out, then went to the Oxford Playhouse to see a Harold Pinter play, which was excellent, although some of the people performing were a bit hammy. Then onto an old Oxford pub, The Eagle and Child. Where Tolkein drank, amongst others. Mrsfb had boycotted the pub for about 16 years after being sacked as a barmaid there. She only lasted three weeks, and I don’t think she’ll be too upset if I pointed out that being a barmaid just wasn’t her thing. Anyway, it was close to the Playhouse, so we gave it a go, and we really liked it, quite chilled out for a Saturday night.

Picture 045

Then Sunday we managed our first proper bike ride of the year, and had a little trip down Jackdaw Lane, then rode up to Iffley Village afterwards. Above is a view of the boathouses along the Isis (Thames for non-locals/sane people), as seen from off the end of Jackdaw Lane. Was a really nice warm day, so a good way into it all. I may try for another one this week, then hopefully something this weekend.







2 responses to “Longish Weekend”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    The only punter I got on with and could relate to (in the maelstrom of rude, sloaney students and hapless tourists), was a lovely little old Man who didn’t mind that his pint of Grolsch had more head than a cheerleading team, and who used to sit and read his bound copy of ‘Murder Casebook’. 😉

  2. flotsky Avatar

    It does worry me you were drawn to someone reading magazines on murder…