Went out with S for a walk today, ended up walking for 5 miles! Went down to Sandford along the river and back, with a stop off at The Kings Arms there, which I can recommend for many reasons, not least that it is the only place I’ve ever seen which has a Marine Fishing arcade machine. Bizarro game, with a fishing rod for a controller, but great, subtle in a bizarre Japanese way.

was really good to get out into the countryside for a decent walk. It was a really fresh gorgeous day today. Cold, but that didn’t matter. Muddy, but that didn’t matter. Just walking for hours, talking and relaxing. Good day.

I’ve just this second received the following
. for the love of christ, lose weight with Apple Cider Vinegar tablets. At least fucking lie and call them choco-diet happy love pills or something. If you think that this is a good way to market, call them fecal matter brown mouth stain pills.


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