A different way to promote Linux – Linux Live

It would be fair to say that one of the successful elements of the Xbox and the Xbox 360 has been its online gaming, and its system of achievements for showing how well a gamer has played their games. So successful in fact, that the same system is being mimicked by both Nintendo and Sony. What if, therefore, there was a similar system for Linux?

What I would suggest is an open-source set of code to allow a unified method of finding people to play online games against, a way to offer score rewards for completing certain tasks, an online scoreboard system, and a user registration system. Some of this would have to be hosted, possibly by one of the groups responsible for a Linux distro. It could be potentially a great way of pulling in younger users for Linux, they might come for the free games, and stay for the operating system. They may even stay to code the new games in years to come.

A system like this could benefit gamers in many ways, but most of all would add the stickability that 360 games currently offer, more reasons than just a solo sense of satisfaction in playing a game well. I’d be interested to know if anyone is doing such a thing, or something in a similar realm at the moment.