Late Rabbit Late Rabbit Late Rabbit

Wow, didn’t think it had been 6 days since I updated. Just been busy with life and work n stuff. Doing my first presentation today for quite a few years. Had to dust off my knowledge of Powerpoint and everything. Looks okay, just hope I don’t bore people too much. When it comes to such business things, I can be awfully dry. I’m not that scared of public speaking, I just don’t find myself to be that good at it.

Spaced is still proving to be a quality purchase, I really should put a link to it on Amazon or something here. Sometime anyways.

Going to try and motivate myself to do a little reading tonight, been a while. I am lacking in motivation at the moment, not in a negative way necessarily, more purely in a lazy way, and I do need to try and fight that. Will get there. Also am wavering just above the 16 stone mark. If I am better behaved this week I reckon I can dip under it. Few more walks, few less snacks is the key.