Last Laugh?

Trying to write an entry for the Last Laugh contest on BBC3 at the moment. Basically, they have several scripts half-written, and you have to complete the story. I have picked my story, and come up with what appears to me to be a plausible and suitable ending. I just need to write it and make it funny now. I suspect that is the trickier bit.

Getting back into the way of walks in the evening with S again, now that the weather is improving (HA, except for the past two days weather, although we still managed a walk last night). Last week we had a beautiful long walk down by the river, very pretty, and now that the clocks have gone back, once it finishes raining we can manage longer still we hope. Looking forwards to the first evening this year we spend wandering along the Thames in lazy daylight.

In other news, iPod, still good, DS decidedly super