Just getting back into it all

Well I’m back from Bristol, just getting back into the swing of work, and now I have five days off after I’ve finished today. It is a hard life. Let me see, what did I get up to?

360 Holiday

This is genuinely my case that I took with me, as we wanted to play some networked games in the house. I can assure you I did pack some clothes after I took this.

IMG 029

We went up to by some of the University buildings, and out into one of the parks, which I believe was used in some scenes in Skins recently. Gorgeous up there, and on a warm day as well it looked fantastic. This isn’t the best of shots, but it gives you some idea of it all.

IMG 043

I was fascinated with this, part of an exhibit outside what appeared to be some sort of new science museum type thing. I saw it from some way away, and was almost running and opening my bag to get there.

IMG 039

And this is a picture of flotsky taking pictures in it.

Basically we spent a couple of days playing games, watching Anime (some stuff I hadn’t come across before, things like Plantes, and something I had but hadn’t watched properly, Samurai Champloo, which was utterly fantastic), and we also got out for a good wander about Bristol. We’ve just started getting the good weather here as well, so it was lovely most of the time. Looking good for this weekend too. We’ve got mrsfb’s parents up to stay for a couple of days, a dinner to cook for friends, then a cycle ride on Monday to get rid of the calories. Course on the Tuesday for me too to finish it all off.