Jamaica runs wild

Well the World Athletics championships got off to something of a flying start. Usain Bolt was just astonishing winning the 100m final in 9.58 seconds. Even more so in that I felt he could have gone very slightly faster, just something in him didn’t quite seem to blast to the very last metre. It wasn’t like his world record at the 2008 Olympics, that was possibly the laziest smashing of a world record anyone has ever seen. But there is just a little more there one senses.

Then tonight Shelley-Ann Fraser took the women’s 100m in 10.73 seconds, boringly (I jest) only the third fastest time in history. A different race, much harder to call beforehand, but ultimately won in style.

This is just the start of the gold medals for Jamaica here, at least the 200m and sprint relays to come, but in a perfect world, Bolt would have a go at the 400m, give us all a treat. I suspect he won’t, but I can hope.






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