It’s now summer, officially.

Summer has come. Wimbledon has finished, and thus we are allowed decent weather the second the final ball is struck. So we’ve been active, we had a little cycle ride down to The Prince of Wales, which amongst other things proved how thin the saddle on my new bike was. It is better today. I’ve done loads of weeding, I’m a few more sessions away from getting it cleared to my satisfaction, but I may be starting to break the back of it. And I managed to watch plenty of motorsport whilst not in the sun.

Also tested out my new Flip 3 tent. I am kicking myself for not getting the camera out whilst I tested it, I might do it again so I can get a few images of it. It’s large and a bit unwieldy to carry, as it is a big flat circle when packed. The genius though is that you take it out of the cover, pull back the strap, and it explodes into a fully-erected tent! Something of a decent-sized one as well. Even more surprising is that whilst it takes longer to put away, that is mainly down to technique, it is pretty easy to do that too. Only downside is that it is a big flat circle when packed, not the best shape, does come with shoulder straps on the bag, but it wouldn’t be suitable for hiking or suchlike. Fine for a festival though. We shall camp like princes.