iPhone games – Chess with Friends

Nice simple little application this, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to play a game of chess online with your friends. Obviously it is turn based, but as it is played via a server, you can play your game over several days, checking in to see if your friend has moved yet.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from iTunes and set up your account, you can start up a game with anyone in your contact list on the phone. You have to have either their phone number or email address. If they already have an account, it will find them, if they don’t, you can send them an invite. iPhone or iPod Touch only at the moment. From there, straightforwards, it’s a nice little chess app. If you fancy a game, leave me a comment with your email address included, and I’ll start one up!

Newtoy | Kicking off a revolution in gaming with your friends on the iPhone and iPod Touch



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3 responses to “iPhone games – Chess with Friends”

  1. Free Games Avatar

    Hey thats cool i so love chess man been playing it for the longest time ever. Do you know of this being on the blackberry at all?

  2. Free Games Avatar

    This what I looking for! Chess games ^^
    Thanks for sharing.. Anyway I like your blog themes…