In the middle of moving, haven’t unpacked yet.

Moving in blog terms that is, to . Kind of feels like I haven’t unpacked yet. I’ll have a tidy up over the next few days I reckon. Add some links back in, neaten up the sidebar and suchlike. Then I’ll start thinking about themes. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, I’m doing the same on several blogs at once. Still, it’s easier now they’re all in one place.

News about this weekend, I’m driving for the first time in about, ohhhhh, two decades. I’m going go-karting at the Oxford Stadium (where greyhound racing and speedway are held). It should be a good laugh, I’m just hoping that my vague skills in console-based racing at least mean I don’t crash too much. I’m certainly not holding out any hope of winning, just to enjoy it and get a good bit of driving in. Slightly nervous about it, but also looking forwards to it.

I’m a bit averse to the driving thing. Strange as I love watching motor-racing, just funny about driving. Part of me doesn’t see the need, I can get about on the bus just fine in town, and I don’t have to shell out for all the things that go with car owning, but part of it is just being scared of driving. Need to get over it, if we have kids in the next few years, I reckon I’m going to need a car at long last.