I’ll have the one in white please

Widescreen Sony Laptop. Nice.

PSO-wise, I’ve just beaten the third boss on Episode 1, and have moved onto the ruins section. Think I will need to level up a bit and then I can move on.

I’ve now set up stat counters for this page and for the front page. It makes interesting reading, already have seen that I’ve had a visitor today who was surfing on an Apple Mac in Air Studios, which are run by George Martin. Quite mad, especially having that sort of level of report coming through. If a visitor comes to you from a search engine, you can even see what it is they were looking for when they came to you.

Other important things, am trying to cultivate a slightly longer beard (having almost shaved it all off by accident a couple of weeks ago (due to using a beard trimmer too early in the morning)), and am successfully growing a lot of garden herbs at the moment, with my parsley and my corriander being the highlights. Don’t know if these two things are related though.

One of the reasons for growing the corriander is to use it in a Balti dish or two, which is something I am finally getting round to learning how to cook. In preparation I’ve started added Garam Masala to my stir-frys.

Just been watching a very exciting NASCAR race. It finished with the two leading drivers hitting each other and the wall, and sliding together over the finish line. Great fun. I love CART and NASCAR, the American motor racing series. Not everyone gets it, and complains that there is nothing exciting about it. Whilst I still love Formula 1, it tends to get less fun with age.