I think they’ve passed the audition

Beatles rock band. Absolutely blown away by the trailer for this. It isn’t an original game. It isn’t an innovative game. It is a license game, which the vast majority of suck incredibly hard. So why has it impressed me?

It has been done right. It oozes the source material. Right outfits, right look and feel, even the right sideburns for the characters. Little side comments at the end of songs. It just feels so accurate. And it sold me. It also doesn’t hurt that I know all the songs. I was brought up on them, these are some of the first songs I was taught to sing. Blame a liberal education in the seventies for that if you like. This is how you make a licensed game, you basically pay a load of attention, and then make it right. Should be fairly obvious, but in a lot of cases people just don’t bother

I’m not going to shell out for the fancy instruments, but I’m definitely getting the game fairly early on.






3 responses to “I think they’ve passed the audition”

  1. ArjyP Avatar

    I think I’m more interested in the alleged HQ Re-releases of all the albums than I am of the game itself. Nice to see some genuine effort being put into it though, rather than just churn out some generic toss ala Guitar Hero.

    Might well get one of the instrument sets, if only to sell on eBay in a years time 😀

    1. flotsky Avatar

      I bet they’ll cost some, Beatles are notorious for charging a little more than normal for their back catalogue.

      And if you’re looking to invest in the instruments, I think you need to make sure you get an option which includes Paul’s Bass, as I think it may only be with the full set.

  2. ArjyP Avatar

    Well, they are remasters and I don’t believe they are currently available on CD. And they’re The Beatles.

    I don’t think I’ve even got the room to store it to sell it on on eBay. Besides, despite what you might read I don’t think they are going to be THAT limited edition. It’s a fairly loose meaning phrase in Video Games.