I appear to have year 3000 by Busted floating around my head. I’m sorry

Oh friday, the precusor to a three-day weekend, how I love you so. Bit fuzzy round the edges due to my wife’s encouragement for another G&T last night (its always someone else’s fault, never your own). But I’m fine, I will survive, I’m back from outer space etc.

(reads last bit back, worries a little that I might not be as fine as I thought). More coffee, lets try that as well.

Getting there now, almost sane enough for the rest of the day. Things to do, things to learn. Will hopefully be figuring out some graphic modules in Perl today. Well hopeful in the way that I need to figure it out, rather than a burning desire to do so.

Hopefully off to Avebury tomorrow, looking forwards to that, haven’t been for too long. Love it there, one of Britain’s most beautiful places for me. More pics of stones I should reckon.