I am now a George Clooney fan.

I never was not a fan. Now, however, I am a massive fan. Why? Because of this simple quote from him:

The actor says political debate and argument is necessary. “That’s what sparked me for this film and Good Night, and Good Luck,” he commented. “I said I’m not going to be quiet because someone has called me a traitor.”

“It’s the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard. The most patriotic thing you can do in a country is question the government.”






2 responses to “I am now a George Clooney fan.”

  1. 200factoryfarmedcamels Avatar

    I’ve seen a couple of lengthy interviews he’s done on this current round of promotion, and been completely won over by him – very self-deprecating, and although talking about political issues, completely non-lecturing. I liked that he said first and foremost a film was an entertainment, and then you could use the medium to ask questions.
    And he’s so handsome too !!!

  2. flotsky Avatar

    He is like an American me.