Hurtling towards the weekend

A quiet one coming up, probably a good thing as mrsfb isn’t too well today. Our options at the moment include going to see Casino Royale, or a long walk in the countryside. Given how cold it is, Bond is looking mighty appealling, but the long walk is the moral healthy choice. We could do both, but that would be insane, surely.

In other news, my copy of Phantasy Star Universe is in the post to me as we speak, rushing towards me under the power of second class postage. If I knew they were going to dispatch it so early, I would have shelled out for first class. Can’t wait. It isn’t going to be a stunning 10/10 game, but it is the story, the world that I have played in so much retold in a different manner. There will be a lot to learn from the looks of it, I may have to read up a bit tonight. After I’ve done a couple more chapters of Head First Java that is, got to carry on racing through that as well.

Pressing on with self-learning of Java, as I could do with knowing it all yesterday. Lot to get my head around, but had a breakthrough yesterday in that I almost added a new method to some code I am working with. It made sense, but didn’t quite work, however the fact that I understood about 90% of what I needed to do was a good start. Will figure out that remaining 10% in the next few days I hope. Will try and get through a big chunk of the aforementioned book this weekend I reckon. Once I’ve done that, I’m going to read up on using Eclipse in more depth, really get to grips with it, as it really is the way forwards on a lot of fronts. I’m perhaps a bit unusual in that I work in several different languages & technologies at once, as I look after several different projects. And the fact that Eclipse can handle the lot of them in one place and structure is a lifesaver for me. As I add in a new language like Java, most of the interface works in the same way I am used to. Oh, and I need to learn about Ant and builds as well I suspect. More reading then.