How Nintendo nearly wrecked my back

I was mentioning earlier that I’m having a bit of trouble with the sciatic nerves in my back. I thought it might be worth mentioning how I damaged them in the first place. Gameboy.

When I first went to university, after a few months I decided to treat myself to the latest in console gaming, the original Gameboy. Complete with Tetris in all its blocky glory (good game actually. The one time I used the link up on that original machine was against some kid who also had one on a coach trip from Carmarthen to London. I beat him by some fantastic amount, can’t remember the score but it was the work of a couple of hours total gaming dominence over an 8 year old kid. He was well gutted). I would play it everywhere, lying on the floor, leaning over a sofa, in bed, just made the most of it. All my fault, just being young and wasting my life playing games.

Eventually this posture nightmare came back to haunt me. My back just started to seize up, to the point of immobility one night. I was put on valium to relax the muscles, and spent a whole week in the outer reaches of space. Total fucking of the brain there, a horrible drug. Did do the job though.

I’ve been lucky, it has stayed away a long time. We will see how we get on, I’m sure the physios will sort me out.








2 responses to “How Nintendo nearly wrecked my back”

  1. The Smiling Assassin Avatar
    The Smiling Assassin

    Some of the painkillers that doctors can prescribe are absolutely heavenly. The co-codomol tablets I was prescribed for my tooth ache were fantastic. Almost got addicted to those…..

    As for Tetris Memories, my abiding memory of that was playing it at school against my fellow GB owning mates. Used to thrash them something rotten. Used to build up Tetris’s and send them two at a time. Almost guaranteed a win. Dont think I ever lost a match with that tactic. Sure I’d still be able to give any challenger a good game even now.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I was on co-codomol for a tooth abcess when I started University. So was taking it all through Freshers Week. I am told I had a good time…

    Yep, that was the same tactic that let me beat that kid. Classic.