High above Oxford

For some time I have been meaning to go up Carfax Tower in Oxford to take some photographs. It is an old clock tower right in the middle of Oxford, and is one of the key tourist attractions I have never got around to doing. So I thought I would take advantage of the visit of my brother-in-law Andy to do it. Now, I’m not great with heights, but I was under the impression it would be a little walk up some stairs, have a huge platform to stand on, take a few snaps, job done. Wrong.

First of all you have to climb up three very narrow spiral staircases. A long way. That was pretty daunting to begin with. Then you actually go out there, and it is a small square with a tin roof in the middle, and a narrow walkway less than the width of a person around it. And it was windy. And very high up.

I didn’t manage to take a single picture without letting go of the handrail. It was incredibly dizzying, and totally not my thing. I shall do it once more in my life when I get a new camera, and then never do it again. Even if it does have the following cheese-related message up there:







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  1. shaun Avatar

    Check my blogsite,i have just writen a post about the ‘carfax tower’and there is a link to view the web-cam which is situated at the top;so you can look out over the high street whenever you like.