Have booked a holiday!

We’re going for a week to the Isle of Wight. Have hired a nice place for us to stay self-catering, and are all but sorted for it. Few weeks yet, but can’t come soon enough, will be great. Hopefully will wander about and fill up my Flickr account with all sorts of dull pics of things, and get shouted at by mrsfb for taking pics while she stands about waiting for me. Well, if you’ve been to the Isle of Wight yourself, any suggestions for things to get up to would be most appreciated.


2 responses to “Have booked a holiday!”

  1. Um..I went there when I was about ten, and remember something called “black gang chine” but only vaguely – I would use tripadvisor.com if I were you!

  2. I shall have a look at that, good reminder, thank you. I do seem to recall all the best arcades were in Shanklin, but I suspect we’ll only get a day or two there.

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