Happy Birthday to my darling wife

Yep, my beautiful partner mrsfb is 21 (once more) today. Yay her! We’ve got her friend S over for a meal cooked by me tonight, then off out to a posh Indian restaurant on Saturday. In our house, birthdays, in fact any occasion of note, mean good grub.

Getting a bit more writing done at the moment, not loads, but it is a start. Good.

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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to my darling wife”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    21, MY ARSE!


    Happy birthday to MRSFB!

  2. Wonderduck Avatar

    Blimey! First I discover that you’re married, Flotsky ol’ bean, THEN I discover that I’m late to her birthday!

    Mrs. F, please accept my humble apologies for being tardy to the celebration of the date of your birth. Truly, you must be an angelic being to put up with a cur like Flotsky.

    (elbowing Flotsky… you’ve gotta let me KNOW these things, mate!)