Happy 25th Birthday MTV (well for yesterday)

So MTV is now 25. Ouch. They celebrated last night by repeating the first ever hour of MTV. It was amusing in parts, the constant reminders that they had changed TV forever during their first hour. What was stunning was that first hour of music. Bear in mind this was 1981:

It is easy to forget that 80s music wasn’t all New Romantics. In fact I can remember having MTV explained to me in the mid 80s (before we really got it in Britain) and being surprised that it was, almost completely, white rock music. Well it has changed, it did get into rap before it became a TV channel rather than a music channel. Now we don’t need it. I can get virtually any video I want by searching for it on Youtube. Still, it was interesting to see what was played at the start. Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while…

EDIT Have now added in all the links to the youtube versions of the videos where I could find them







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  1. The Smiling Assassin Avatar

    I agree. If it’s not podcasts catering to your particular musical persuasion, you can pretty much find every music video you want on Youtube. That probably explains why there is so many non music shows now on MTV; people aren’t THAT interested in music videos anymore. Which is a shame cause a decent video gets more people talking than any other marketing “device” known to man.