Hair! (Age of Aquarius playing in background)

I’ve been letting my hair grow for about three months now. I normally get it cropped to a grade one every eight weeks or so, but I couldn’t be bothered over Christmas. It was really cold the first few weeks afterwards as well, so I decided to stick with it.

Getting your hair shaved to a grade one or two is kind of an anti-hair statement, showing you don’t want to deal with hair, have to comb it, style it, maintain it. You just want to wash it and rub a towel over it, and be done. I’m sort of getting used to having hair for a change now. The warmth for one.

Anyway, I raised the idea of keeping on growing it with mrsfb. The conversation went pretty much like this:

“I was thinking of letting it grow. What do you think?”
“You’ll look like a cunt”

I’m getting it shaved soon.