Guard dog mauls Elvis’s teddy in rampage

More here.

I just don’t think you will get a funnier story all year. The headline is a killer for me, but then when you read some of the details of the story… I won’t spoil it, it is wonderful.


2 responses to “Guard dog mauls Elvis’s teddy in rampage”

  1. Flots, an excellent story and it made me chuckle away for a long time.

    I can’t find the original post but wanted to say I’m now a convert to the Adam & Joe podcasts on your recommendations – I used to love them on t’telly but missed that they’d moved to radio. I may have laughed out loud a few times on the train (apologies to those sitting next to me), the R Kelly podcast was a highlight.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. That R Kelly one had me in tears, it was magnificent. I have really been enjoying them too. Also worth pointing out I got their DVD for a fiver in Fopp, if you have one near you.

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