Goodbye Grandstand

So Sunday marked the last Grandstand on the BBC. It is an odd feeling, as the show is 48 years old, and for several years of my life I could guarentee that between 12 and 5 on a Saturday I would be watching it, yet I won’t miss it. Eurosport now holds an even dearer place in my heart now, as where Grandstand would manage 20 minutes of an obscure sport, Eurosport will give you the whole thing, often live.

That I think is the key thing that has done for Grandstand, the lack of live sport in it. I will watch far more where something is happening live, and I get to see the sport “warts n all”, see how the whole thing works.

What is odd as well though is that they are keeping sport, showing it in the same manner, but not calling it Grandstand. That I don’t see the point in at all.







One response to “Goodbye Grandstand”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Gutted about Grandstand ending 😉