Getting There

Okay, I know its taking a while. I’ve been working on a new feature when I should be sorting this mess
out. Dems the breaks. Anyways, there is now a forum here where if you so choose you can talk about things and stuff and stuff and things. Very exciting. I need to do some work on the site now, want a slight restyling, and obviously sorting out some links, and get the blog back to its former glory. Which is the next priority.

Starting to get my head into PL/SQL at the moment, which essentially is a more programming language styled version of SQL. Its a bit weird, and unluckily some of the stuff that I think should be bread and butter stuff is some of the more obscure stuff. I’m getting there with it though, and obviously it will be another string for the CV. As is some of the stuff I am messing with for the new site (which shall be referred to as v14.0). I am
hoping to have some stats set up for the site soon, so I can see where traffic is coming from. I do love my
new hosts Textdrive, they seem to make very complex stuff seem
very easy. Which is what you want really 🙂