Getting More Done

I’ve started using something approaching a Getting Things Done philosophy for organising myself. I read the book during our Isle of Wight holiday, and it is very useful. I’ve now got a calendar (Google Calendar in fact) in which I am organising all my tasks to do personally, In/Pending/Out trays for all our mail and filing, and some new things put in place at work that I hope are going to make me more productive as well.

I’m going to try and keep them up for a few weeks before I start plugging it as the way forwards, but this weekend I seem to have got a lot of things done around the house, including some decorating, and still had time to relax.







2 responses to “Getting More Done”

  1. Al Avatar

    Interesting. I have often read Merlin Mann’s Blog, 43Folders, and have tried organising myself in a similar way, though a lot less structured, through the use of Let me know how you get on!

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I’m going with Google Calendar, even though it isn’t quite idea for all I want to do, because there is a rumour that some form of Google ToDo is coming soon. Read somewhere that you couldn’t set up a category of ToDos as a label in Gmail, and it is being taken from that.

    I will say though, the Ajax interface for Google Calendar does allow you to move and reschedule tasks really easily, I just set mine up for the day as a whole, and then either delete them, or drag them to another day, no typing needed to change the date.