Getting me organised

I’ve had quite a useful weekend, I’ve now got a random set of todo lists put into Google Notebook, so I’ve now got one place I can look to for things I’m trying to get done. I managed to get quite a few of these things done as well, which is always the more important side of a todo list.

Not too much of consequence this weekend, we’ve just taken it nice and easy. Had a pleasant drink in the Brickworks on Saturday afternoon, where we got away with an outside drink without being rained on, which it has threatened most of the weekend, but kind of failed to do. Which was good. We also had a cheeky takeaway from the Spice Cafe, which as always was rather tasty. I upgraded my spice threshold to a hot Lamb Saag, which took it from nice to delicious, so well worth the spicerisk.

This week brings my first ever Beastie Boys gig in Brixton, and a busy weekend. Looking forwards to both already.