As I said yesterday, I need to get my thoughts together. I am learning some javascript, and finding out more about greasemonkey, css and dhtml. It is all starting to fit together, especially when I start to see Opera using greasemonkey scripts, and the Tiger OSX build for Macs introducing the Widget, which is not a funny plastic thing in the bottom of a can, but a tiny app written in Javascript and dss which gives you a small chunk of functionality you can call from anywhere.

Basically, there is something in it. Where I am personally interested is in adding functionality to web pages, take a resource that someone has created, and give it more. As an example off top of my head, I like the imdb site for finding out details about films and actors. But it is a bit plain, and you often don’t get a photo of the actor (if they are obscure). This is fine, it has been designed to deliver information quickly. But I could write a script potentially to redesign it to my tastes. I could alter the look and feel of the site, and also say run a query at the same time on google images, and display the first 10 pictures it finds all in one page. Possibly.

geekily interesting stuff anyways