Okay so Phantasy Star Online is out in less than a month here. This must mean I am about due some serious purchasing. I will need the game and the broadband adapter pretty much on day of release. I’m still searching for Pokemon Stadium, and still mainly playing Pokemon Silver on the GBA, and F Zero X on the N64. I did get a cheap 2nd hand 3rd party 2nd controller for the N64 today, just so I could play 2 player F Zero. It is one of the more complete games ever, I am very glad I got the N64, otherwise I might never have played it.

I think that I may get a Dreamcast later in the year, and will also consider getting a SNES, a megadrive, a Saturn, a Master system, a nes (maybe even with the robot if I can find it). I think I would ideally like to build a unit for them all to sit in. I have visions of a tall unit with a shelf for each system, maybe even painted out in appropriate colour scheme.

maybe that would a better project to go in a spare room rather than a living room. I could always get a second-hand tellie to go with it.

The other thing I’ve been wondering about was getting an adaptor to use the GC on the PC monitor. I can remember seeing Soul Caliber played on a monitor, and it looked awesome. I could easily be tempted by that, and its not too expensive either, I seem to recall.