Funny how the week can fly by sometimes

and not touch the sides. Haven’t felt like writing much this week really. Nothing bad, just not in the mood at the moment. Probably need to sit down and make myself write a little this weekend, get my head back into it. That is what I shall do. That and take loads of photos of random things for no good reason. A plan. I think I shall do that, and also start to tidy up and tie together a few of my sites. Have a few domains now, could do with a couple of sessions of setting up proper email addresses for them, getting basic sites or blogs in place, and then actually get round to writing a few things. I will explain each one as I get them going properly, different names for different ideas. One I can do quite easily is, which I got to just point here. Wanted to learn how to set up a non-uk domain. Which I have now done.