Fragments and suchlike

I’ve remembered this week that I need to feed both my geek and my creative sides. Been too geek lately, just reading geek books. Thus the Louis Theroux book, and also getting a good way into the Julian Cope biography Head On (the only book I own a t-shirt of). Have read it once before, but it is a wonderful description of the Liverpool punk and post-punk scene (which seemed to happen pretty much simultaneously). I’m not a massive creative, nor a genius geek, but if I feed both in vaguely equal measures my brain seems to work better on both. Sorted out some annoying stuff at work today that had been like digging syrup into a wheelbarrow with a fork until today.

Have also tidied up this blog a little bit, moved a few things around on the right, made it so that you have to click to see the whole of a post (makes the front page load a little quicker, and looks neater) and  added the ability to send an entry to digg, and to add an entry to your account. Had similar stuff working on the old site, and it was about time I revived it for the new look. Feels a little bit more like home now