Have been thinking, I reckon I will try and write a detailed review of the DS when I get it, keeps me busy. So what do I expect, what am I waiting to see? Well, firstly I want to see how the two screens work together, can you focus on both, or is the second a distraction? How well does the touch screen work, what does it add to the control? I like touch screens a lot, I have done a bit of work on a Smartboard at work. It is basically an electronic blackboard, you project the image from a computer onto it, and you can then write over the image, and also control the computer via touch. It was quite freaky the first time I physically dragged files into a folder with my finger but it actually made a lot of sense, far more natural than using a mouse. Surfing the internet was cool too, you move around pages far faster. So as I say, I am very intrigued to see how this translates into gaming.

I am also interested to see if the wireless works. I might not get very far, as I don’t think there are any wireless
games yet (in so far as could I connect to my wireless router, rather than another DS). And finally for the moment, I want to see what GBA games look like on it. That is one of my main reasons for getting it for starters, having something nicer to play some of my favourite games on. Obviously I am looking forwards to new games, but I do have some great GBA games I wish to continue playing.