Managed to spend some time in our garden yesterday. I am trying to tidy it up, and am finally attacking a large mound of cuttings, junk and general crap that was piled at the back kindly by the previous residents. I’ve got through three bags this weekend, and not the first go I have had at it. I have got down far enough to find the frame of a small childs bike.

Still, it is starting to make a difference, if not quite being approaching nice. I should start photographing it, if for no other reason that to shame myself into keeping going with it. What I want ideally, is to get rid of the junk, both at that end, and in the gap between the patio and the house.
Get the back bit grassed over, as there is not a lot you can do with it. Tidy up the lawn, plant out the border with lots of flowers, and then sort out my herb garden so it has, well, more herbs in it. In fairness to myself, I have cut back and cleaned up a fair bit thus far. I have managed some time in the garden most weekends since Christmas, which is far over and above a personal best for me. I don’t think I want to get into gardening, I just want it sorted and nice, and also to get it to a point where it is easier to maintain.