Drum, Bass and the art of speed golf

Okay, so tonight I am off to see Logistics, a drum’n’bass act on Hospital Records. Couple of very good friends are in town tonight, T and B. I lived with T when I moved to Oxford for good, and B is his partner, and the very person who designed the logo above this post. T got me listening to various artists on Hospital, including the wonderous London Elektricity.

I am a little nervous about tonight, because I’m not used to seeing such acts in a proper venue. The normal place I listen to them is when I play golf.

I have Links 2004 for the Xbox, which is a cracking golf game. And it ended up a while ago that I figured the perfect soundtrack for playing golf was Hospital Records material. Far more fun than other choices, and the sheer pace of the music meant you were hurriedly pressing buttons, and could get through 18 holes in about 15-20 minutes. It turned golf into almost a twitch-reflex pastime for me.

So it seems vaguely strange to my brain to go and listen to such stuff in a club. I know this belies all logic, but that is what I am used to. I make take a putter to make me feel more at ease though.








3 responses to “Drum, Bass and the art of speed golf”

  1. Moussey Avatar

    The idea of you playing real golf gave me a shock. Not sure why, but it just doesn’t seem right.

  2. 200factoryfarmedcamels Avatar

    Flotsky playing golf? He’s the Alice Cooper of the Interblog.

  3. flotsky Avatar

    More Tommy than Alice.