Dreams of Childhood

For no apparent reason today I was thinking about dreams I had when I was young, about six or seven. I don’t tend to dream much these days. I think I sleep a lot less than I used to.

The first one was a nightmare. It wasn’t that long, and revolved around one thing. I was out in our back garden playing, when I heard a noise overhead. I looked up and a huge plane was flying low towards the house. It was the construction that was bizarre, it was like a massive biplane build out of brass piping. very open, square angles and tubular. It was spraying something over everything in its path. I turned and ran, but it was upon me straight away. I was covered in a strange clear liquid, that hurt. I ran inside crying, to my mum. End of dream.

The other one was a live action cartoon, in the style of Roger Rabbit (or I guess Bedknobs and Broomsticks, as I guess it was more of that time). Stylistically it was a lot darker than a Disney film though. Someone had captured this weird fluffy creature, and I and some other kids from my street went to save it. I think we were in Holland. The criminals were reminiscent of the stock villains from every Czechoslovakian kids drama. At the end, we all went home by means of walking over a giant bridge that had a lot in common with a rainbow. I remember the dream as lasting for hours.