dreaming the 2.0 dotcom boom

Very odd dream last night, which I will put down entirely to reading Douglas Copeland’s JPod late on yesterday. My whole mind was flooded for most of the night with a vision of a new website. Possibly ripp.com. It was like a flickr, except more than that. For one it was all images, not just your own. Maybe you could see a feed of the top images in the world or something. Anyway, there was a killer USP that made it a must-use service. Can I remember it? Not a hint. I can still see the design when I focus, but anything of importance is just hazy.

Lazy weekend, cooked a nice barbeque for us on Saturday evening, including my killer lamb kebabs (killer in the sense they are really tasty, rather than undercooked). Watched plenty of World Cup football and the British GP, the latter of which was slightly dull. Alonso just got ahead, and that was the race almost.

Anyways, back in work, ready to face the week ahead. Well maybe after another coffee.








2 responses to “dreaming the 2.0 dotcom boom”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    “…the British GP, which was slightly dull.”

    Slightly? I’m even having problems coming up with the Quotes of the Race!

  2. flotsky Avatar

    I don’t think I had a sly snooze during it. Actually, what was an impressive sidenote was that ITV’s pitlane reporter, Louise Goodman, got a job as a one off with Midland for this GP, taking the right rear tyre off during one pit-stop. Apparently this made her the first woman to work as a mechanic during a pit-stop in f1 history. And she did a good job, very smooth.