Dream Serious

Last night I had a long poignant dream about balancing precariously on narrow ledges. On reflection, I think playing Mario 64 in bed before I went to sleep was a bad idea.

It is snowing on and off here, but in a rather pathetic non-northern fashion. Very pretty to look at this morning, if a little less fun to walk through. Taking great care not to fall on my arse this morning.

Finally, someone has revived an old Firefox extension that I have been desperate to find ever since I moved from Opera to Firefox. Save Session remembers all your open tabs when you close Firefox, and reopens them as you left them. Which was one of the main things that I loved about Opera, and finally it is a part of the browser I truly love. I am quite glad about it, mainly cos I was starting to think I might have to try and learn how to do it myself. Which could have taken me ages.


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