Delighted, Satisfied

Happy with my new toy. I think the biggest suprise, is how well the touch screenworks. Very easy to use, very responsive. Lot of scope for subtlety with it. I was sold on the moment I chose my save file on Mario64 DS, and the water behind it rippled to my touch. Nice

Thinking of more search extensions to write for Firefox. I might have a bash at
Companies House searches, as we use them at work, possibly Kelkoo the shopping
comparison site too. Seem to have got the knack for them. Did manage to add in
last night the permanent rss feed button down the bottom of the page. Am thinking
about the links at the top of the page, and wondering if I could generate them
in php. At the moment, they are written in html, and if I want to alter or add
anything to them, I have to change every single page. If I could paste the code
in via php (or something), I could potentially just have to change it in one place.
Not quite sure how to do it yet, need to read around the subject more.

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