Dainty Shooting

Have played the demos in a bit more depth now on the DS. WarioWare Touched is
an outrageous game, 3-5 second bursts of stylus-shredding activity. The sheer
sense of fun and joy in it is a delight, this game isn’t going to change your
life, but it will put an unshakable smile on your face for a few hours. Metroid
Prime is interesting, the graphics are absolutely lush, there is no other way
of looking at it. But, the control is a bit weird, I am no FPS player for starters,
so this may be a factor, but I did find it tricky. Will play it some more, see
what I reckon.

Mario is now getting addictive though, that is what I have spent
the time on. Some things are easy and memorable from playing on the N64, others
need some learning and logic to progress.