Cool breeze blowing in through my window this morning. I was almost cold. It was fucking fantastic.

I am presently listening to an Oracle podcast (the Database people, not the teletext creators. It is high on the dull scale of podcasts, but worthy from a learning and work sense. I may have to listen to the podcast to make up for it next.








2 responses to “Cooooool”

  1. Wonderduck Avatar

    It was really frickin’ hot and humid here… until the thunderstorm came through and kicked around the trees and cars and things. Now it’s only kinda frickin’ hot and humid… and it’ll be getting bad again in a few hours, and they’re actually saying 100F this weekend. Aieeeee.

  2. flotsky Avatar

    We’re so over the hot weather thing here now. The joy of Britain is that no type of weather lasts more than a few weeks. It kinda keeps you on your toes.

    100F would kill me mind.