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  • Paris – Roubaix

    This Sunday brings the 2013 edition of the cycling spring classic Paris – Roubaix. I can remember being drawn into the Tour De France on World of Sport in the late seventies, where it quickly became apparent that it was a technical, complex and interesting sport to understand (the sort of challenge I seemed to…

  • Danica Patrick runs over a shoe

    Does what it says on the tin. Danica Patrick runs over a shoe, loses lead in the NASCAR Nationwide race at Montreal. Right now I’m watching the Atlanta race, and she’s just run over a delaminated tyre husk. No luck this year.

  • Mascara Dorada

    It takes a bit to impress an old cynical fan of wrestling. Mascara Dorada does. These are amazing moves, possibly the best high-flyer in the world at the moment. The video is quite long, but do enjoy at least the first few minutes, well worth it.

  • Jamaica runs wild

    Well the World Athletics championships got off to something of a flying start. Usain Bolt was just astonishing winning the 100m final in 9.58 seconds. Even more so in that I felt he could have gone very slightly faster, just something in him didn’t quite seem to blast to the very last metre. It wasn’t…

  • Fingers crossed for Felipe Massa

    Today’s qualifying for the Hungarian GP was marred by a horrific accident suffered by Felipe Massa. He was hit in the head by what appears to be a spring from another car, lost control of his car, and went straight off the circuit. He has some sort of skull fracture, and is in hospital. Reports…