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  • View from Tate Modern

    Hello world!

  • Groove is in the Heart

    Groove is in the Heart – Deee Lite — Kevin Cummins (@KCMANC) June 28, 2014 Classic Deeelite picture by Kevin Cummins

  • New Year’s walk in South Park

    Photo from a walk in South Park, Oxford, 2013

  • Recent Snow Picture

    Adding to the flurry of pictures of the snow in the UK recently, here is what it looks like outside at the moment.

  • Pretty Fireworks from near me.

  • Chilling in Norway

    <img class="alignnone" title="Waterfall" src=" le viagra″ alt=”” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> Drawing towards the end of a great week in Norway. Highlight has to have been a fjord cruise yesterday, absolutely stunning scenery that I took a full memory card’s worth of pictures of. In general, it has involved wandering round a pretty little Norwegian town,…

  • Blue and Moo

    So I decided to change the theme of this blog to something a little more, well, plain and befitting of my current mood for minimalism. I’ve moved to using the Compositio Theme for WordPress, which I like as a nice clean starting point. I’m hoping to firstly grey it up a little, then I might…

  • Still learning my craft

    I’m learning how to use my macro lens properly on my new camera. A macro lens will allow you to focus in very tightly on an object. To really get your photographs looking perfect takes quite a bit of knowledge of how to set them up properly. I’m getting there. It was quite late in…

  • Luminox

    Well Luminox was utterly spectacular. Here in Oxford, they’ve closed off Broad Street for three days, and allowed some French artists to set up some huge displays of fire lanterns. There was a ball of fire and a chandelier of fire amongst others, some almost ambient music playing with a couple of great singers singing…