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  • Michael Gove – Loads of Hot Sex

    Michael Gove ‘young business people come to London to have loads of hot sex’ <a href="http://t obtenir”> — The Independent (@Independent) April 7, 2014 // The words. The images.

  • What could possobly go wrong?

    “Why not model for stock images?” they said. “What could possibly go wrong?” they said viagra acheter. — hrtbps (@hrtbps) November 1, 2013 // via

  • Favorite tweets – thesundaysport

    In Sunday Sport tomorrow: Migrants roast swans using heat-ray skyscraper — Sunday Sport (@thesundaysport) September 7, 2013 via That’s almost The Onion levels of genius, right there.

  • When New York is attacked by something strange

    Worth a look at this photoset on Anthony Hibbert’s site (wait and it will start the slideshow for you), it’s seems that something rather strange was happening in New York when he last visited.

  • Another flotsky site???

    I’ve just launched the companion site to, It’s basically a place for proper bloggy type posts about things, rather than random stuff on my mind like here. Think of this as still my personal site, and as stuff that isn’t just personal. I think that’s a reasonable divide. Go have a look…

  • The Regal is now open

    And Hospitality is go tonight. Nice one

  • frylift – Basically Stephen Fry stuck in a lift

    Have had a little fun tonight following @StephenFry on Twitter. Following this tweet: Ok. This is now mad. I am stuck in a lift on the 26th floor of Centre Point. Hell’s teeth. We could be here for hours. Arse, poo and widdle — Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) February 3, 2009 he posted a picture of…

  • Regal to reopen?

    A quick follow-up to my previous post What’s going on at the Regal?. The Oxford Times is reporting that it is due to reopen this week, as it has heard from a couple of sources that events have been confirmed as going ahead now. I’m going to check for myself later in the week to…

  • Very slow news day for the BBC

    I suppose no news is good news…

  • What’s going on at The Regal?

    According to the article from the Oxford Mail, The Regal hasn’t re-opened after its Christmas break, and has been shut eight more days than planned thus far. It’s a lovely place, and a lot of money seems to have been spent getting it back into shape, it would be a big shame if it isn’t…