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  • Go heading to Live Arcade? (Xbox 360) – Eurogamer

    I hope this is coming to Live Arcade, the more board games on there the merrier I reckon.

  • Phantasy Star Offline

    So I’m now about 4.5 hours into Phantasy Star Universe. Having received my pre-order copy a couple of days early, I’ve been playing the offline mode, as the servers haven’t been turned on yet. The offline Story mode is a fully fledged RPG, in the mode of a Final Fantasy, right down to having far…

  • Xbox 360

    I am now the proud owner of an Xbox 360. And a happy owner too. I wanted to get it to play Project Gotham Racing 3 (PGR3), which is a wonderful racing game that has evolved over time from a quirky game called Metropolitan Street Racer on the Dreamcast. I loved that then, have played…

  • We Love Katamari – 1 minute(ish) review

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  • New Game – Advance Wars DS

    This has been occupying a lot of my time the past few days. Beautifully done game, basically an old-skool war strategy game. Some extra features compared to the older GBA version, but overall the same basic gameplay. Improved massively with being able to use the stylus, and move all your troops around very easily. A…

  • Just thought Iā€™d show off my gaming setup

    Click on the images to see the bigger versions:

  • Xbox 360 Innovation

    So Bill Gates is giving his keynotes speech at CES 2006, and finishes up with the X360. Talks about sales for a bit, then demos a new game, Fight Night Round 3 (okay, when I say demos, I mean he actually plays against Steve Ballmer on stage). Fair enough. However, when they have finished, he…

  • Phantasy Star Online Episode 4. Now playing.

    It is here! Years have I waited for a new episode of Phantasy Star Online , and my opinion so far, is that it is good. Almost all new monsters. Swarm patterns of attacks. Some impervious to any gunfire whatsoever, so some thought involved. Big fat sprawling levels. And that is only in my first…

  • Blue Burst

    Have now downloaded Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst for the PC, and now they have the servers set up, will hopefully be playing that tonight. Suspect it will mainly be nothing new until the actual launch, where they will bring out a whole round of new content, but will have a bash and start building…

  • Doubly Stoked

    Simply put, I now have a Nintendo DS. It is lovely. I am happy. More soon