Category: comedy

  • Jeffrey Tambor

    Jeffrey Tambor in an early appearance in Three’s Company. Marvel at his hair (he has more, still not all). Savour as they all enjoy mocking mental health issues!

  • Hank Kingsley sings “Spinning Wheel”

    Wonderful clip from The Larry Sanders Show where Hank Kingsley is trying to raise himself up off the sidekick’s couch and show off his talents. I was minded of this by the theme tune to new BBC schedule filler reality show Tumble, which I think might be even worse than Hank’s version.

  • Steve Martin wins at Twitter

    I loved your Tweet to me! RT @ScotW4321: What’s a good example of irony? — Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) December 21, 2013

  • Podcasts worth listening to – The Adam and Joe Show

    I’ve been a fan of Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish for many years, since their Channel 4 show (Adam and Joe DVD),  and was rather pleased when they started doing a podcast of their XFM show (which is still available to download). They sadly disappeared from podcasting for a while, but then triumphantly re-emerged with…

  • New series of Flight of the Conchords coming soon!

    Today brought some great news, a new series of Flight of the Conchords will be on HBO in January. This is the trailer: I don’t yet know when it will be on the BBC, hopefully not too long afterwards. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is shown on BBC4 every so often, or you…