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  • Jimllpaintit: Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh

    Handy Andy and Tommy Walsh DIY jousting in the Event Horizon engine room – as requested by Ben — Jim’ll Paint It (@Jimllpaintit) July 30, 2014

  • Bowie on the Internet

    Today Jack Schofield tweeted an old article from the Guardian in 1999, Tomorrow’s Rock ‘n’ Roll , where David Bowie talks to Emma Brockes about his recently-discovered love for the internet. It’s a fascinating document of the time for me, a few months before I started working “in the internet” (for want of a better description) and at a […]

  • Sci-fi London 2010 Manga All-Nighter

    It is Sunday evening, and I’m now still processing all I saw last night at the Apollo cinema in London. A fantastic night of entertainment, liked some of the films, didn’t like others, but the overall evening, and the organisation deserves mentioning as being wonderful, everyone that set up the night deserves props for the […]

  • Red Brick

  • Never say

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  • Archigram

    It’s always nice when you get taken on a little journey of discovery and information on the internet. I had this today when my fancy was taken by an article on the BBC news site about Archigram. Archigram was an avant-garde architectural group which was formed in Britain in the 1960s. They created fantastic concepts […]

  • Ice Invaders

    Ice Invaders, originally uploaded by flotsky. 8-bit ice graffiti by me, flotsky