So Saddam has just been captured. Rah rah. Thats going to make everything in the world lovely and safe. Any fears you had, you can put them to one side now. We’re all good.

Have been working on setting up an installation of Linux called knoppix. It loads from a cd, so you don’t need to install it to your pc. Actually, I bought a usb key, so my install is completely mobile. Which is class for me. Had a bit of hassle setting it up on a laptop so far, but on a desktop it is damnably easy.

Also have recently acquired a palm tungsten e from work, which is very nice. Until I got one, my main objection was “what will I do with one?”. Now I have one, its very handy. At work I use it instead of a mass of scraps of paper and post-its. Outside its main use is as a mp3 player, using a SD card for storage.