Can still walk

and see this as a bonus. Did indeed do the cycle ride I suggested, see the photos down on the right hand side to see where I got to. Just finding this so freeing, getting to explore more. The main aim here is to lose a little weight and get myself into a bit of shape. At the moment my main concern is what will happen when I don’t go out for a night, will I seize up? We shall see 🙂

Has been screamingly hot today, really hope we get a cooler weekend. Just not built for this weather us Brits, we need it a bit cooler and wetter.

Just remembered, new tv show coming soon here, well worth a look: Time Trumpet 

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  1. Woo, spiffy new layout… I like it!

    So 37 C is… (does the math)… 97 F? Had that three times last week here by The Pond, and it’s only July.

    And yes, I ventured outside my air-conditioned sanctum as little as possible. Just because it’s more common here than there doesn’t mean I like it any more.

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